The Revival of the Cocktail

May 12, 2015

Source: Syracuse Times

Four Victor neighbors launch 1961 Vodka

April 20, 2014

Source: Daily Messenger

Four Victor neighbors launch 1961 Vodka

The spirit of a new frontier: 1961 Vodka

July 8, 2014


Most vodkas are made from apples or potatoes but 1961 is made from soft white winter wheat. Parsons and Ginther decided they wanted it to be the “anti-flavor” vodka. No orange or strawberry or cookies and cream, just a smooth vodka taste.

Finger Lakes Made – 1961 Vodka

May 7, 2014

Source: FLXMade

Teresa Parsons of 1961 Vodka is in-studio to talk about the new spirit distilled in King Ferry, NY on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. "1961 was a single year, but in a way, it was an era all its own. It was a simpler time, with classic tastes,"

Social media campaign for 1961 Vodka wins

March 14, 2014

Source: Democrat & Chronicle

The Best of Digital/Social Addy went to Dixon Schwabl for a web and social media campaign for 1961 Vodka, the first product produced by Stonehurst Brands in Victor, Ontario County.

Locally made vodka harkens to simpler time

March 7, 2014

Source: Rochester Business Journal

A new, locally made vodka paying homage to a simpler time with classic tastes has been launched by four Victor friends.

WROCTV Interview

March 7, 2014

Source: News 8 at Sunrise

Five friends and neighbors from Victor have taken an idea suggested at a party and turned it into their own vodka distilling company. Lisa Ginther and Teresa Parsons, two of the founding members, discussed the new venture Friday on News 8 at Sunrise.

Victor company releases 1961 Vodka

February 21, 2014

Source: Democrat & Chronicle

A new Victor company, Stonehurst Brands, has just released its first product, 1961 Vodka. Made with soft white wheat grown in the Finger Lakes, the ultra-premium vodka is being touted as a vodka with "a classic taste."